Eco-Friendly Hair Colour at our Scarborough Salon

Are you one of the 65 to 70 per cent of women who spend their lifetime dying their hair? It might be time to consider opting for a natural treatment. Eco-friendly hair colour is designed to create beautiful, healthy natural hair. At Jaydoe Eco Hair, our product ranges are low-ammonia and ammonia-free, meaning your hair isn’t subjected to the harsh chemicals found in normal hair dyes. We strive to thwart the baddies in every way we can so you can enjoy stunning hair that won’t impact the earth. Here at Jaydoe, we believe that beauty doesn’t have to be toxic, and we’re passionate about doing what we can to fight against chemically-produced colour.

Transform your style with a bold new hair colour

Looking to step out with a brand new look? Change up your hair colour by making an appointment at Jaydoe Eco Hair. Our expert team of hair colour specialists will have an initial consultation session with you to assess the state of your current hair and discuss your history of professional and box dyes. Once we’ve established the right shade to suit your complexion and personal style, we’ll get to work treating your hair with a colour that is safe and free of harsh chemicals.

Freshen up your look with soft balayage highlights

Balayage remains one of the hottest trends in hair at the moment. From the red carpet to the streets of Perth, beautiful, lush hair with subtle balayage highlights is a popular way to add a little ‘oomph’ to your style without going the full haul. This technique involves painting the dye in free-hand strokes from the mid-lengths down to create a graduated effect that blends in with your natural hair colour. Adding these understated tones is a great way for brunettes to introduce a bit of lightness without transforming their entire look. Give your hair a gorgeous sunkissed finish today by booking an appointment with a specialist at our hair salon.

For exquisite-quality and eco-friendly balayage and hair colour treatments in Karrinyup, Scarborough and all surrounding suburbs, simply call Jaydoe Eco Hair on (08) 9341 5152.